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How to reduce neck and back pain when working from home


An ounce of prevention...

Proper posture can help prevent costly injuries, improve function and help to work without pain


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What Our Patients Are Saying

Learn how patient, Allison C., found relief from severe shoulder pain with Chiropractic and Medical Massage treatment

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Gary S.
Senior Olympic Champion

Dr. Davis has helped prepare my muscles during my training season and before and after my annual weight lifting event. It's made all the difference in attaining gold medal status and attaining a personal best this year!

Scottsdale Chiropractor Patient Review

David L.
Professional Tango Dancer

I have seen Stacey for at least two years, and she’s fantastic! I am a dancer and very particular in what I look for.  She’s been helping me correct my posture and make me more functional in the activities I love. One thing that distinguishes her from many other chiropractors I’ve seen is the depth of her knowledge and her ability to be attentive in diagnosing you, so that she really is careful to understand the problem prior to trying to solve it, unlike many chiropractors. In addition she has a wide breath of knowledge ... not just chiropractic but also massage and things that have to do with how your muscular patterning and neural pathways influence your movement. I highly recommend her. Very best, David

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Michele R.
Massage Therapist

Many years ago, I had a career ending injury. Or at least that is what I was told. I love being a massage therapist and I was afraid I'd never be able to return to my beloved career.  With Dr. Davis' help I made a full recovery. And I'm happy to say I have been able to work ever since 


9171 E. Bell Road, #109
Scottsdale, AZ. 85260

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