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Create A Healthy Work Station At Home Or Corporation

ergonomic workspace for home

Does your work environment cause you to have pain?

Maybe it's time to evaluate what might be causing the problem.  It may be ill fitting work desk or chair.  Or the cold draft from the air conditioning vent in the room you’re in? When patients come to the office with complaints of neck or back pain, we explore the possible contributing factors of how they got to the point of experiencing pain. Often, it is something in the environment that they either live and/or work in that is causing their pain. A thorough ergonomic evaluation is a powerful way to help identify any hidden culprits.

Another very real environmental stress to the body is the extreme heat here in Scottsdale. It’s HOT, HOT, HOT! This intense heat and dryness may result in dehydration, fatigue and electrolyte imbalance. This can cause tight muscles and sore joints. The cold can do the same causing constriction of the blood supply and allowing the joints to feel achy. Knowing your body and how it might react to this condition is the first line of defense.

Dr. Stacey M. Davis, DC has been treating these conditions for over 28 years. Integrated Chiropractic and Medical Massage is located in Scottsdale, Az. There are different kinds of Scottsdale Chiropractors. Some never understand why their patients continue to have the same issues over and over. Dr. Stacey M. Davis has a been helping her patients understand what work environment stressors may be triggering their pain. Dr. Stacey M. Davis takes the time to take a look at the whole person, not just the pain they are experiencing. Pain is only a symptom of the problem. Understanding the root cause of a problem helps determine the best ways of how to avoid, take care of and resolve the problem. Even chronic problems can be greatly improved and/or resolved. Whether it’s an exercise plan, Chiropractic care, medical massage treatments or possible nutrition and lifestyle changes needed to improve the situation, it’s covered. Helping patients get on tract to feeling and functioning better as well as knowing what they can do to help avoid the problem they have makes all the difference. Integrated Chiropractic and Medical Massage is here to help you in your journey to feeling and functioning better as well as living your life to the fullest.   

Virtual or On-site Ergonomic evaluation and coaching for corporation and home based workers is available.

Via a private online platform or by phone, we will discuss best practices for working postures in your home office, practical temporary or permanent set up ideas and resources for the equipment you may want to purchase.  The priority is your health and safety while working at home using what you have available to you to optimize your current home office set-up.

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