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Integrated Chiropractic and Medical Massage ("ICAMM") office is open for BOTH chiropractic care and medical massage.  Your safety is our number one priority when coming for care.   

Together, Body Technologies Gym, (the gym where ICAMM's office is located) and ICAMM have taken great measures to ensure the safety of everyone who enters the building.  Enhanced sanitizing protocols are in place.  All equipment in the gym is sanitized after and before use.  Chiropractic and medical massage tables and equipment is sanitized after and before every patient.  

The overall number of people in the building, those working out, their respective trainers and ICAMM patients allowed in the facility at any given time is restricted to accommodate physical distancing.  The waiting area have been removed from the gym.  The interval of time between ICAMM patient’s has been expanded by 15 mins.  This allows time for sanitization protocols to be completed between each patient, avoid waiting for any length of time and maintaining recommended physical distance. We are following recommendations from the CDC, State and local governments. 

We ask if you have not been feeling well, please stay home.  Please wear a mask when entering the building, covering both mouth and nose.


If you are interested in setting an appointment for either/both chiropractic care and medical massage or have any questions, please call 602-282-8980.

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