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Meet Scottsdale Chiropractor, 
Dr. Stacey M. Davis, D.C.

Dr. Stacey M. Davis, D.C. Scottdsale Chiropractor and Medical Massage Therapist.


Chiropractic & Medical Massage

Dr. Davis has been treating patients with an integrated approach of chiropractic and medical massage for over 30+ years. An Arizona native and University of Arizona Alum, she has served both Scottsdale and the surrounding areas in Arizona for over 19 years.

Dr. Davis seeks to improve her chiropractic and medical massage patients' health and wellness in all areas of their lives. Dr. Davis likes to treat the "whole person" in her work, as a chiropractor and medical massage therapist. Looking for the underlying causes of disease, discomfort, and pain, which often arises from imbalances in the spinal column which ultimately effects the muscular system. Under Dr. Davis' supervision and care, patients report higher functioning in all areas of their lives.

Combining chiropractic, medical massage, nutrition and exercise together regularly supports optimal positive lasting effects.  All chiropractic adjustments and medical massage are administered by Dr. Davis.

Contact us to find out more about our services and to discuss how Dr. Stacey M. Davis, DC may help you.


9171 E. Bell Road, #109
Scottsdale, AZ. 85260
(Located within Body Technologies Gym)

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